Some changes in 2013. Changes for 2015 to follow soon.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your years of wonderful support and enjoyment of the Duck Creeke Tavern and what we offered there. Enjoy the photos below and the memories of good times spent.  We will remember you with thankfulness and fondness as friends and guests young and old. We are concentrating on just our Inn at Duck Creeke and the three buildings there. Practicing slowing down and running only the "little" twenty-seven room Country Inn sounds like fun to us.

         Come visit us at the Inn.    Bob (Moo) and Judy

Some history

 Fronting on Main Street and facing a tidal creek the early Duck Creeke Tavern had a cozy and casual feel. The oldest existing tavern in Wellfleet offered fun times and fine music, Jazz, Blues, Country, R&B, Tropical Jazz, Funk and Blues ensembles. This fun and historic building is a pulling together of mid 1700 and early 1800 buildings and building parts from early last century. Three hundred years of history and we are still happy to be owners and  caretakers of that history since the late 1970s.

              Duck Creeke Tavern, late afternoon sunshine streams in, Lobster and local seafood, live entertainment, Jazz

      Duck Creek Tavern, Cape Cod restaurant with seafood and charm, live music, Wellfleet entertainment, Jazz, Wellfleet nightlife    The Chart Bar overlooked the duck pond at the rear of the building.  Marine Charts of local waters still decorate the surface. It was a favorite gathering place for music for locals and visitors alike. There were thousands of special nights of Live Music, fun homey food and great cocktails and brews were always on tap!

Thank you for relaxing and enjoying fun evenings with us through the years at our favorite gathering place